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Try any of our semi-automated gambling strategy software for FREE and see how you too can win consistently  with Ultimate Gambling Systems.

Our online casino Ultimate Roulette System (URS) or Baccarat Gambling Strategy (UBS) are proven systems that lead the way. These online casino roulette and baccarat gambling strategy software systems will help you get on the winning side at online casinos.


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Mid Range
Single dozen strategy


(£171 or €202)

Double dozen strategy


(£342  or €405)

Single dozen strategy + stake management


(£686 or €810)

Double dozen bet strategy + stake management


(£3,432 or €4,055)

FREE trial

FREE trial

FREE trial

FREE trial


After you have used our free trial versions of the URS at your favourite  online casinos, we are sure you will want to purchase your registration license to activate the full unrestricted version of your product. It only gets better.

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