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Gambling books - books for betting on greyhound racing, and playing online casino roulette. These books will help you get on the winning side with your gambling.

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Loss Management Techniques for the URS range Available Now...
LMT or Loss Management Technique, is vital for all gamblers to apply in order to maximise their winnings and minimise their losses. Learning the techniques in this book will greatly improve your roulette game. The principles can also be applied to other types of gambling games, however this book was specifically written for use with the Ultimate Roulette System range of roulette products. You will learn how to spot when to raise your stakes or when to lower them, how to double your chances of winning by observing patterns in the roulette game. You will learn how to calculate risk and how to apply this knowledge to making regular winnings with roulette. You will learn when to quit and when to go on betting, and you will learn the best ways to use the URS range of products for maximum results.

From: $139.99 (£76.99 or €112.00)*


The No Nonsense Offline Roulette System

OK, you want to play roulette and win, but you are fed up of sitting around the house staring at a computer screen. You like the razzmatazz of the live casino, right? Remember you can not take your electronic devices in most casinos, therefore you need to have a system you can carry around in your head. This small handbook was written just for that purpose. So what will you find in here. Well simply put, you will find a simple yet effective system that, is a bargain for the price you will pay for this booklet.

From: $17.55 (£9.79 or €12.87)*


How to Win at Online Roulette,2nd Edition

This book offers techniques for betting profitably on online roulette games. It starts with an in-depth explanation of the game of roulette, its rules, and the different types of bets allowed in the game. The online techniques, for which the 1st Edition is best known for, are explained in the last few chapters. The techniques are explained in detail and illustrated with flow diagrams, further simplifying, and making these techniques even easier to follow and apply. In the 2nd Edition, the stake lists have been normalized and new patterns are introduced. In this 2nd Edition you will be introduced to the Creep pattern, a useful pattern for avoiding possible losses whilst using the system first introduced in the 1st Edition.

From: $33.89(£19.32 or €27.97)*


Ultimate Online Roulette System: Advanced Winning Techniques for the Tax Conscious Casino Gambling Investor
This is the advanced version of How to win at online roulette. In this book, you are given the Ultimate Online Roulette System. This amazing system will allow you to play roulette daily, and make a consistent and reliable second income. Whether you are looking to make $100 (£55 or €75) a day, $1,000 (£550 or €750) a day or $10,000 (£5,500 or €7,500) a day, this book shows you how you can achieve this through using the Ultimate Online Roulette System. This fast paced and exciting book will change your financial landscape forever.

From: $125.00 (£69.70 or €91.60)*



How to win at Greyhound betting
This book sets out to give over ten techniques and systems for betting on 6-trap UK BAGS greyhound races. These systems are illustrated and explained in simple and easy to follow steps.

From: $12.50 (£6.97 or €9.16)*


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