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Welcome to the gambling support pages

This page allows members from around the world to report errors in their native languages.


Your Ultimate Gambling System should reach you in excellent working order. However if you are experiencing difficulties in accessing , installing, registering or using the system, please report the fault via email or the report submission form below.  Please include the following details in your email:

  1. Your name (i.e. Bill Smith).

  2. Your email address (i.e. BSmith@myisp.com).  

  3. The name of the software system you are experiencing these issues with, (i.e. SUPER URS version

  4. Your proof of purchase of the software system in the form of the sales invoice or transaction number and date purchased, (i.e. TR123456789 - 01/Jan/2006)

  5. In the email subject line, include one of the following categories for the fault:

    1. Downloading from site

    2. Unzipping file

    3. Installation of program

    4. Registration the software

    5. Help in using the software

    6. Errors in the software

    7. Un-installing the software

    8. Recommending improvements

  6. Description of the issue. Please include the spin results from your Statement Of Play.

Alternatively you can fill in the following form and submit it automatically.

Your name: 
Your email address:
Your UGS product:
Your purchase transaction ID:
Error category:
Your error description:

Your query will be treated with the utmost importance and seen to as soon as possible.

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