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Welcome to the installation support page

Learn how to install the URS or UBS gambling software here.

Installing the URS or UBS software

The URS and UBS software systems come compressed as .zip files. You must unzip, uncompress or extract the file before installing it. Most computers have the ability to unzip .zip files, otherwise see www.winzip.com for a trial copy of WinZip, an application that will help you do this.

Once extracted, you will be presented with a list of files as illustrated below. Make sure you select somewhere simple to remember for the files to uncompressed to, i.e. "c:\URS".

Double click or run "setup.exe".

You will be presented with the "Launching Application" window as illustrated below.

After a short while, the "Launching Application" window will be replaced with the "Application Install - Security Warning" message. If you don't get this message, do not worry, it just means your computer may not be running a firewall. Click the Install button.

An installation progress window will be displayed, whilst the application is installed. This window will disappear after the software is installed onto your computer.


You can now use the URS or UBS software application. If you are using Microsoft Windows XP or Microsoft Vista, you may see a "New programs installed" bubble message appear or popup against the "All Programs" menu option as illustrated below.

Open the URS application in the "All programs" or the "programs" window, under the Ultimate Roulette Systems folder as illustrated below. For help use the URS online support menu icon under the Ultimate Roulette Systems folder.

Once opened or clicked, you will be presented with the main URS or UBS application fascia.



You are allowed 25 spins or deals before the URS or UBS application auto resets. To avoid losing all your inputs every 25 spins or deals, register your application. A warning will pop up before each auto reset.

To register, click on OK on the register popup when it appears or select the Registration menu option on the Tools menu.

When you purchase the URS, you will receive an email from PayPal . There will be a transaction ID included in the email similar to the following example:

Payment Details


$250.00 USD

Transaction ID:






Key the transaction ID into the Registration window as illustrated below and click the Submit button.

Email the resultant security string to the listed email address (urs_helpdesk@yahoo.co.uk) as illustrated:

You will receive an activation key back via email which you should input in your registration window in the registration code section and then click the "register" button.

This will register your software to operate only on the machine you installed it on.

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