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Welcome to the MULTIPLAY URS Omega support pages

View the MULTIPLAY Ultimate Roulette System Omega (MULTIPLAY URS Omega) support pages here.

MULTIPLAY URS Omega Hints and Tips

Table of contents


MULTIPLAY URS Omega comes with a readme file, this hint and tips file, and a License file as well as the main MULTIPLAY URS Omega file discussed below.

To start off, there is only one MULTIPLAY URS Omega file.


  1. MULTIPLAY URS Omega 1.0



If you have a sound card and speakers or headphones, you will be able to hear sounds with MULTIPLAY URS Omega. There are two main sounds used by the MULTIPLAY URS Omega.

The first occurs when you open the MULTIPLAY URS Omega, to hear this sound you must have the following file, “winSpaceSysStart.wav” in your “c:\windows\media\” folder. If you do not have this folder structure you can create it and then copy the file into the folder.

The second file is “tada.wav” also in “c:\windows\media\” folder. This sound is used to warn you concerning greed management and money management related warnings.

Whilst it is not essential to have sound to use the MULTIPLAY URS Omega as pop-ups accompany every sound, it is nicer.


Getting Started

Have you got an account with an online casino yet? You will need one to use the MULTIPLAY URS Omega. I suggest a large reputable casino that offers European (single zero) roulette.  

You should only use “single zero” tables with the MULTIPLAY URS Omega for increased profitability. The reason for this is that the zero occurrences are less. Therefore you will win more.  There are many websites that offer comparison tables for online casinos, try searching for “online casino comparison” on a major search engine.

Within MULTIPLAY URS Omega you should always start by keying in your bankroll in the Betting Bank cell. This will determine the starting stake.

To set the stake list length, click on the cell next to "STAKE". You will have a choice of 1 to 6. Only the left hand stake list can be changed, changing it will also set the  stake list for the right hand side. Always use the smallest amount allowable by your online casino as you familiarise yourself with the MULTIPLAY URS Omega. Next, select the type of stake you would like to use. The cell under the stake list selector determines whether you are using "D" for decimal or "W" for whole numbers. "W" for whole number and "D" for decimal stakes.


Next, clear any past history from the MULTIPLAY URS Omega’s memory by clicking on Reset (next to "RESULT"). If you want a copy statement of the results before clearing the memory then either Print or Save before pressing Reset . Now you are ready to trade. You will use the Update button after keying in the landed number (UPDATE button is below the RESET button.


In the BET ON section you can select "R" for Rows and "C" for Columns. On the right hand side you can select "H/L" for High/Low, "R/B" for Red/Black and "E/O" for Even/Odd. Using the BET ON and STAKE sections, you will place your dozen bets with the stake indicated in the STAKE section on the bets indicated in the BET ON section. When you win, it will reset to the first stake in the list, when you lose it will increment the stake to the next stake in the list.

As you play, the highest stake you have used will be displayed in the Highest Stake section. You can reset this with the Reset button under "HIGHEST STAKE". 

As you update the MULTIPLAY URS Omega with results the "SPIN HISTORY" will show you the numbers you input.

If you make a mistake with an input, use the Undo Last button to undo the error.

As you play, your balance will display your profit or loss. When you make 50% profit, a message box will pop up to accompanied by an audio warning (if you have speakers and have taken the steps highlighted in the section on sound previously discussed). If you ignore this message, it will not go away, it will popup every time you update results. To turn it off, you can click the Greed Warning button. Be warned however that doing so means you will be increasing your risk of losses by over playing with the MULTIPLAY URS Omega. Remember long session’s mean gradually increased losses. Whilst these will not wipe you out in the long run they could increase the length of time it takes to reach you income goal in the short term.

As you trade with the MULTIPLAY URS Omega, you will see your session duration and the current time change with each update. It is not wise to have prolonged trading sessions. Ideally your sessions should never occur within an hour of each other and their length should be as long as it takes to complete 200 spins or less. That is sufficient to make 50% profit. I recommend aiming for 10% profit per session as each session will then be around 10 minutes long. To know how many spins you have carried out in the session, look at the "SPIN NUMBER". It increments with every result update you do.

MULTIPLAY URS Omega uses a dynamic stake management system. This system is controlled through The RISK and TURBO options. The risk setting determines the frequency during play that Turbo is used. Turbo is the multiplier applied during high win periods.

Finally, run, creep and chase messages are displayed for your information in the MESSAGES section.

Time Outs and Crashes

If your casino site times out, resets, crashes etc. or if your computer or excel does the same, you must reset the MULTIPLAY URS Omega and start again with a blank slate. If your casino offers the previous spin history however then you can input the results up to the point of the crash in the MULTIPLAY URS Omega and continue trading from there.


Psychological Rules

Your mind set will dictate how well you get on with the MULTIPLAY URS Omega. It is an investment tool. Use it as such and you will have great success. If you try to second guess it or deviate from it you will lose most of the time. To avoid panicking when you are nearing the higher stakes, try and simply follow the MULTIPLAY URS Omega instructions with an unattached attitude. Stay focused so that you make no silly mistakes but keep emotions out of the trade. If you find you cannot do this it probably highlights that your stake range is too high. Lower it to a range that is more comfortable to trade with. For instance, if $1000 is a lot of money to you, then do not trade any where near that amount. Trade around the $100 mark instead, where your pulse rate and heart beat will be less frantic at the higher stakes. It is better to trade with money you can afford to lose because it frees you emotionally and makes the trade more relaxed and enjoyable.

Avoid bad karma by not talking yourself down. Thoughts and comments like “I am always losing”, “I am unlucky”, “I am a klutz”, “and “I bet it doesn’t work for me”, “I don’t deserve to win”, etc are all bad news for creating a relaxed and enjoyable environment to trade with. Think positive thoughts instead. At the end of the day, the MULTIPLAY URS Omega is a software machine. It has no heart, no sensitive nerves. It works with algorithms, mathematics, statistics, pattern recognition etc and thus it simply does not care how much money the next stake is using. It will react the same way if you were using $10,000 or $0.50. However the degree to which you panic will dictate the degree to which you are inclined to deviate from the MULTIPLAY URS Omega or make simple, silly mistakes. One of these is not resetting your stakes at the casino after a win. Let’s say you won on the 10th stake, MULTIPLAY URS Omega says reset the stakes but you use the same stake on the next bet and lose. Now you are way back and only one more stake left to use. This mistake could set you back a while. Avoid this and other similar mistakes by keeping your mind clear and relaxed. Your environment stress free during trading. And follow the system closely.


Investing ideas

Remember to use the MULTIPLAY URS Omega as an investment tool. In that sense it is prudent to aim for small session percentages than a really big win in one session. 10% to 100% is a good goal to aim for. Keep in mind that if you play 4 sessions daily making only 25% in each session, you will be doubling your Betting bank (Bank Roll) daily. Even 10% a day will make you 100% in less than 2 weeks. Be conservative and take small regular profits. It is the key to long term success and delaying being banned by your casino.


Trouble Shooting

Use a “low” macro security setting to avoid problems with excel. You can change this setting in Tools >Macro>Security…>Security Level = Low.


Never save the MULTIPLAY URS Omega file

When you are shutting down the MULTIPLAY URS Omega after each session, do not save the MULTIPLAY URS Omega. This will ensure that you do not change it in any way. Thus, every time you open the MULTIPLAY URS Omega it will operate the same way it did the first time you received it.

Circular Reference Errors

If upon opening the MULTIPLAY URS Omega you receive a cyclic reference error, either ignore it or follow the onscreen instructions to ensure you never receive one again. These errors should not occur with Excel 2003 but depending on your iteration settings in Tools>Options>Calculation (see picture above for correct settings), you may still receive them. The error is harmless and does not affect the workings of the MULTIPLAY URS Omega in any way.


Clearing Cache and Cookies

Some casino's can use cookies on your computer to track your browsing choices. To eliminate this possibility you may want to clear your cache and delete your cookies before every session.  To clear your cache and cookies take the following steps (please note other web browsers will have different methods for achieving the same objective):

  1. For Microsoft Internet Explorer, open the Internet explorer window and on the tool bar select Tools then Internet Options... as illustrated below.

  1. A sub window titled Internet Options will open. Click the button labelled Delete Cookies... as illustrated. Click OK in the small window that pops up.

Next, click the button labelled Delete Files... as illustrated above. Tick the "Delete all offline content" tick box the  click OK in the small window that pops up.

Now Select Clear History. Click Yes in the small window that pops up

  1. Now click Apply and OK ass illustrated below

That is it, you have successfully cleared your cache and cookies.

Screen Size

To size the screen to fit your screen, open excel, select View on the menu bar and click Zoom... as illustrated below;

In the subwindow that pops up, select the appropriate size. 50% is recommended but you may like another size.

Technical Support

You may contact me on urs_helpdesk@yahoo.co.uk or using MSN messenger if I am available online. I am always happy to help or answer any support questions you may have.

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