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The Ultimate Greyhound Betting System

README file updated on: Friday, 02 June 2006 © Copyright Samuel Blankson. All Rights Reserved.


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. Installation instructions

  3. Using the spreadsheet

  4. Known issues



“The Ultimate Greyhound Betting System” is the latest and greatest release of “The Ultimate Greyhound Betting System”, a system for making regular and consistent winnings with greyhound betting. “The Ultimate Greyhound Betting System”.


Installation instructions

To install “The Ultimate Greyhound Betting System”, you should follow the

following simple steps:

Make sure you have preinstalled Microsoft Excel.

  1. Copy the Excel file, (The Ultimate Greyhound Betting System.xls) to a location on your hard drive (e.g., your desktop).

  2. Open the file by double-clicking on The Ultimate Greyhound Betting System.xls icon.

  3. Done! The Excel file will open Microsoft excel and display “The Ultimate Greyhound Betting System”

  4. Send an email to urs_helpdesk@yahoo.co.uk. If you are a new customer please include your sale confirmation from Lulu or Paypal. You will be sent the password to access the file within 48 Hours.


Using the spreadsheet

There are 5 workbooks. These are:

  1. Saturday Dog

  2. Sunday Morning Dog

  3. Sunday Dog

  4. Morning Dog

  5. Afternoon Dog



For Monday to Friday, use Morning Dog and Afternoon Dog only. Use Saturday Dog

for Saturday dog races and Sunday Morning Dog and Sunday Dog for Sunday races


  • Before the start of each session, update the 1st Race, 2nd Race and Balance sections.

  • The 1st Race is the venue of the first race of the session. The 2nd race is the venue of the second race of the session.

  • The balance is the session start balance in your trading account.

  • If required, change the times of the races as required. Acquire the results of a race before the beginning of the next race and in time to place a bet if required. Key in to the 1st 2nd and 3rd columns the trap numbers from the race results.


Red Herring and Greed management

As long as Red Herring and Greed management are blank, follow the instructions in Betting action by placing a bet for the next race on the Trap number displayed (in betting action), or if Betting Action specifies “WAIT” then wait. If the Red Herring counter displays “RED HERRING!!”, do not place any bets till this disappears. If the Greed Management counter displays “STOP!! YOU GREEDY DOG”, consider stopping for the session as you would have made the equivalent of a weeks winnings and continuing may reduce this.



When placing bets, start at the top of the Stakes list (smallest stake). Each time you loose place the next bet on the Betting Action displayed trap with the next stake in line. Continue this till you either win or run out of Stakes in the list. Either case reset the stakes by starting at the top again (smallest stake). In the Stakes and Odds columns key in the stake you bet and only if you win must you key in the odds you won at. You may use fractions (i.e. 9/4, 2/1, 100/33 etc) or decimals (i.e. 2.75, 2, 33.33 etc).


Yellow Zone

If you enter the “yellow zone” (normally the last 5 or 7 races of a session), continue till you win only once. It is better to win and end just outside this zone if possible, as your chances of loosing greatly increase near the end of the day.


Known issues

Please submit all bugs to urs_helpdesk@yahoo.co.uk with Master betting system in the subject line and a description of the bug in the message line. Include a telephone number if you want to be called, otherwise you will be emailed back.  

Never save the UGBS file

When you are shutting down the UGBS after each session, do not save the UGBS. This will ensure that you do not change it in any way. Thus, every time you open the UGBS it will operate the same way it did the first time you received it.

Technical support

You may contact me on urs_helpdesk@yahoo.co.uk or using MSN messenger if I am available online. I am always happy to help or answer any support questions you may have.

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