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Included Transaction charges



These fees are to cover the PayPal transaction charges necessary to carry out the transaction. The PayPal fee is added as a 4.071% charge in the product price. The listed prices already include these charges.


Returns, cancellations and Refunds Policy

We offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee on all faulty products. For non-faulty products, we offer a 30 day, less the transaction charges, money back guarantee. For example, if you purchased your product through PayPal , you would receive 100% less the 4.071% transaction fee, back.


For refunds, please email refunds@ultimategamblingsystems.com with your transaction ID and a brief explanation of your requirement for refund (i.e. faulty product and fault description or non-faulty product and dissatisfaction reason) and we will process your refund within 48 hours.


We highly recommend you trial the product first, before purchasing an activation code. This is to make sure you can use the software with your computer system. To avoid delays, carefully check your order for accuracy before confirming your purchase. You can download a free version of  UBS, URS, SUPER URS, ULTRA URS or MASTERCLASS URS (the free versions are not activated for full functionality, you have to purchase an activation code to get full access to the full features).


If you receive an electronic file that is damaged in some way (incomplete, or that you are unable to open, etc.), we will be happy to provide a working replacement or 100% refund. Please notify us via email, and include a copy of your PayPal sales receipt or transaction ID.


Software activation process

UBS and the URS core range of products, URS, SUPER URS, ULTRA URS and MASTERCLASS URS are free to download. However if you want the full version of the software you need to buy an activation code. The process for activating the software is as follows:


When you purchase any core URS product or the UBS, you will receive an email from PayPal , or E-gold (depending on which one you made your purchase through). There will be a Transaction ID included in the email similar to the following example:


Payment Details




$250.00 USD


Transaction ID:
















Key the transaction ID into the Registration window as illustrated below and click the Submit button.



Email the resultant security string to the listed email address as follows:



You will receive an activation key back via email which you should input in your registration window in the registration code section and then click register.


This will register your URS or UBS software to operate only on the machine you installed it on.


The activation key will be supplied within 48 hours from receipt of your email. We endeavour to reply with activation codes within hours of receipt, however keep in mind that the official period is 48 hours. If you haven't received an activation code within 48 hours, please contact activation_support@ultimategamblingsystems.com.


This manual process will soon be replaced by an automatic online process that will eliminate the 48 hour waiting period.


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