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Welcome to the ULTRA URS support 

View the ULTRA Ultimate Roulette System (ULTRA URS) support pages here.

ULTRA URS Hints and Tips

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ULTRA URS comes as a compressed .zip file. You must unzip/uncompress or extract it before installing it. Most computers have the ability to unzip .zip files, otherwise see www.winzip.com for a copy of WinZip.

Once extracted, you will be presented with a list of files as illustrated below.

Once unpacked, the files and folder will be copied to the location you specified on your computer. Double click/run "setup.exe".

You will be presented with the "Launching Application" window as illustrated below.

After a short while, the "Launching Application" window will be replaced with the "Application Install - Security Warning" message. If you don't get this message, do not worry, it just means your computer may not be running a firewall. Click the Install button.

An installation progress window will be displayed, whilst the application is installed. This window will disappear after ULTRA URS is installed onto your computer.



You can now use the ULTRA URS application. If you are using Microsoft Windows XP, you may see a "New programs installed" bubble message against the "All Programs" menu option.

Open the ULTRA URS application in the All programs or programs window, under the Ultimate Roulette Systems folder. For help use the ULTRA URS online support menu icon under the Ultimate Roulette Systems folder.


Once opened/run, you will be presented with the main ULTRA URS application window illustrated below.

If you wish to use the Full ULTRA URS feature use the expand button illustrated below to expand the window and display the Full ULTRA URS sub-window.


The ULTRA URS now comes with a graphing facility allowing you graphically see the performance of your balance as you play.


To exit the ULTRA URS, use the File and Exit menu buttons or press Alt and F4 simultaneously.



You can rest the application and clear all your inputs with Ctrl and R simultaneously on your keyboard or through the Edit and Reset menu option.

You will be asked to confirm this instruction.

If you have input any spin results into the ULTRA URS, you will also be asked if you would like to export these results.



The export feature is also accessible through typing CTRL and E simultaneously on your keyboard or through the File and Export Statement menu option.



If you make a mistake whilst inputting the casino results into ULTRA URS, you can undo the input by typing CTRL and Z on your keyboard or through the Edit and Undo Last menu option.



You can change the ULTRA URS settings by typing Ctrl and S on your keyboard or through the Tools and Settings menu options.

You will be presented with a window as illustrated below:

You can key in your bank roll, minimal starting stake, maximum stake level (i.e. the length of the stake list) and your preferred language (more languages will be added to the list regularly). In this version (i.e. ULTRA) you will also have the opportunity to set:

  1. The stake tuning: change this to alter the default stake level amounts so that they increase at a faster or slower rate.

  2. The turbo multiplier: the number by which to multiply the standard stake amounts so that your profits are increased substantially when the turbo kicks in.

  3. The risk level: this is the stake level at which turbo is allowed to kick in.

  4. The speed: this determines how often the turbo kicks in. Setting the speed to slow will result in the turbo being activated less frequently than ‘fast’ or ‘sprint’.



You are allowed 15 spins before the ULTRA URS auto resets. To avoids loosing all your inputs every 15 spins, register your application. A warning will pop up before each auto reset.

To register, click on OK on the register popup when it appears or select the Registration menu option on the Tools menu.

When you purchase the ULTRA URS, you will receive an email from Paypal, E-gold or Neteller (depending on which one you made your purchase through). There will be a transaction ID included in the email similar to the following example:

Payment Details


$1000.00 USD

Transaction ID:






Key the transaction ID into the Registration window as illustrated below and click the Submit button.

Email the resultant security string to the listed email address as follows:

You will receive an activation key back via email which you should input in your registration window in the registration code section and then click register. This will register your ULTRA URS software to operate only on the machine you installed it on.



Place your bets on the dozens highlighted by the red selector, using the stake highlighted in the stake list.


If you win you will see the "You are a winner!!!" message appear at the top of the ULTRA URS application.

If you lose you will see the "Sorry, you lose." message instead.

To input results into the ULTRA URS, simply double click the number that won, or the dozen that won.

You may double click on 0-36 and the dozens1-12, 13-24 or 25-36.

You can also use the number selector to key in the number that won then click the Submit button.


As you input results you will see your inputs represented in the historical input display.

You will see your running totals at the bottom of the screen.

The help feature will display the offline help files and can be accessed using the F1 key or through the Help and Help menu option.

The version details are displayed under Help and About.



You must uninstall old versions of the ULTRA URS before installing newer versions. Use the Add or Remove Programs in control panel or an equivalent for your operating system.


Click remove and follow the onscreen instructions to remove the ULTRA URS application.

Now highlight the four install files and the associated ULTRA URS version folder. Delete these files.

ULTRA URS has now been uninstalled completely from your machine. You are now ready to install a new version of ULTRA URS.


Your mind set will dictate how well you get on with the ULTRA URS. It is an investment tool. Use it as such and you will have great success. If you try to second guess it or deviate from it you will lose most of the time. To avoid panicking when you are nearing the higher stakes, try and simply follow the ULTRA URS instructions with an unattached attitude. Stay focused so that you make no silly mistakes but keep emotions out of the trade. If you find you cannot do this it probably highlights that your stake range is too high. Lower it to a range that is more comfortable to trade with. For instance, if $1000 is a lot of money to you, then do not trade any where near that amount. Trade around the $100 mark instead, where your pulse rate and heart beat will be less frantic at the higher stakes. It is better to trade with money you can afford to lose because it frees you emotionally and makes the trade more relaxed and enjoyable.

Avoid bad karma by not talking yourself down. Thoughts and comments like “I am always losing”, “I am unlucky”, “I am a klutz”, “and “I bet it doesn’t work for me”, “I don’t deserve to win”, etc are all bad news for creating a relaxed and enjoyable environment to trade with. Think positive thoughts instead. At the end of the day, the ULTRA URS is a software machine. It has no heart, no sensitive nerves. It works with algorithms, mathematics, statistics, pattern recognition etc and thus it simply does not care how much money the next stake is using. It will react the same way if you were using $10,000 or $0.50. However the degree to which you panic will dictate the degree to which you are inclined to deviate from the ULTRA URS or make simple, silly mistakes. One of these is not resetting your stakes at the casino after a win. Let’s say you won on the 5th stake, ULTRA URS says reset the stakes but you use the same stake on the next bet and lose. Now you are way back and only one more stake left to use. This mistake could set you back a while. Avoid this and other similar mistakes by keeping your mind clear and relaxed. Your environment stress free during trading. And follow the system closely.



Remember to use the ULTRA URS as an investment tool. In that sense it is prudent to aim for small session percentages than a really big win in one session. 10% to 100% is a good goal to aim for. Keep in mind that if you play 4 sessions daily making only 25% in each session. You will be doubling your Bank Roll daily. Even 10% a day will make you 100% in less than 2 weeks. Be conservative and take small regular profits. It is the key to long term success and delaying being banned by your casino.



If you require further help, email urs_helpdesk@yahoo.co.uk

Clearing Cache and Cookies

Some casino's may use cookies on your computer to track your browsing choices. To eliminate this possibility you may want to clear your cache and delete your cookies before every session.  To clear your cache and cookies take the following steps (please note other web browsers will have different methods for achieving the same objective):

  1. For Microsoft Internet Explorer, open the Internet explorer window and on the tool bar select Tools then Internet Options... as illustrated below.

  1. A sub window titled Internet Options will open. Click the button labelled Delete Cookies... as illustrated. Click OK in the small window that pops up.

Next, click the button labelled Delete Files... as illustrated above. Tick the "Delete all offline content" tick box the  click OK in the small window that pops up.

Now Select Clear History. Click Yes in the small window that pops up

  1. Now click Apply and OK ass illustrated below

That is it, you have successfully cleared your cache and cookies.

Screen Size

To size the screen to fit your screen, drag the corners of the application.

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