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Ultimate Gambling Systems begun in 2003 with the Ultimate Greyhound Betting System (UGBS), a simple UK BAGS greyhound racing system developed by Samuel Blankson initially for London greyhound races. This system used statistics and algorithms to suggest bets on greyhound races in the UK. The UGBS was later converted into a computer program in 2004.

The Ultimate Roulette System (URS), a system also developed by Samuel Blankson after a visit to a Casino Royale type London Casino. He later developed it to help him manage greed, emotions and to standardise and record his online roulette play at online casinos. Ultimate Roulette System built on the logic of the Ultimate Greyhound Betting System. The URS, as it became known as, proved very successful and was converted into a Microsoft Excel system in 2005. This system was further developed and fine tuned with more gadgets and features added to the basic Microsoft Excel engine.

The next major turning point was in 2005 when the URS range was expanded with the release of the ground breaking SUPER URS. This incredible double dozen bet system took URS to another level. It more than doubled the win rate of the original URS and stabilised the risk of a complete stake list loss. SUPER URS quickly became the system of choice for many URS members and in the last quarter of 2005 was joined by ULTRA URS and MASTERCLASS URS.

Both ULTRA URS and the MASTERCLASS URS products adopted the URS and SUPER URS strategies respectfully and added a powerful new feature to the URS range, the Dynamic Stake Management System (DSMS). These new dynamic systems used shorter stakes and were triggered by an algorithm based logic switch. When triggered, the algorithm based logic switch activated the stake system which other wise stayed dormant and waited for optimal win conditions.

By the third quarter of 2006, the URS brand and systems were firmly established and the growing member base confirmed the acceptance of the URS range by the roulette players at online casinos round the world. At the same time, Samuel Blankson was introduced to Baccarat, an interesting and simple casino card game. This interest led to the Ultimate Baccarat System (UBS). The phenomenon which is UBS was released in December 2006  and was eagerly anticipated by the Baccarat playing URS members. Through word of mouth, knowledge of the UBS spread rapidly and is quickly becoming the best selling Ultimate Gambling Systems product.

MULTIPLAY URS Omega ScreenAt the end of 2006 the mammoth task of converting the Ultimate Gambling Systems suite of products from Microsoft Excel into applications, was under way. Starting with SUPER URS, MASTER CLASS URS, and the original URS. The official Ultimate Gambling System website came online at the start of the new year (2007) when the products were moved from  to their new home at UltimateGamblingSystems.com, and the official Ultimate Gambling Systems online Book Store was also introduced in the same quarter. 

Today whether you are looking for a system to assist your online casino game for fun or to supplement your income, you will find the Ultimate Gambling Systems' suite of free download online gambling software products unbeatable value, simple to use, and frankly, an amazing set of tools for gambling at online casinos.

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