Privacy Policy

This section sets out rules for keeping information confidential.  It is very important to Ultimate Gambling System that people using this web-site have a right to privacy.  We follow rules on privacy.  We also have our rules on privacy from the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications 2002/58/EC. 

We also have our own rules on privacy which go further than the law says. This is to make sure we respect people's rights as far as possible in the way we keep and use personal information. 



We only receive personal information about you, if you decide to email us.  Usually this will include your name and email address and any other information you put in your email, for example; company name, telephone number and so on.

Only Ultimate Gambling System receives your personal information.  We will only use this information to reply to you.  We will usually reply by email. We will not add your personal information to any database or use it to send you any other information, for example trying to sell or promote something to you. We will never give your personal information to anyone outside Ultimate Gambling System. 

Use of information

Ultimate Gambling System uses information from the website to understand how it is being used. It helps us make improvements. This information is about numbers and not individuals, for example the number of people visiting the website. 

Ultimate Gambling System will look at these numbers on a regular basis and may tell them to chosen business partners. It is important to understand that no information is given that could be used to work out who an individual is. 


Information Sharing

We will never share, sell or rent personal information to anyone outside Ultimate Gambling System, unless a court of law orders us to.


A 'cookie' is a piece of data (information) on a person's computer that is tied to information about the person. The Ultimate Gambling System website use what are called "session cookies" that do not keep personal information.

Once a person closes the internet on their computer, the session cookie is deleted automatically from the website. We use cookies on our website because it means we can see how our website is being used, for example how many new visitors are coming to the site and how often each section is being used.


Keeping Information Safe

We have put systems in place to keep safe the information we collect online. These systems are physical (where information is kept), electronic (to do with computers and the internet) and managerial (to do with managing projects and staff).  These systems are to make sure that no one sees the information who should not, that information is correct and is used properly.


For more details about our systems for keeping information safe please use our Contact Us form to request this information from Ultimate Gambling System.


If we make any changes to our Privacy Policy we will update this section of the website accordingly.



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